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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

All EU studies I have seen so far get the null hypothesis wrong

All the studies get the null hypothesis wrong. They fail to separate out those who would get a Visa with those who wouldn’t. So they are simply wrong.
Leaving the EU is only about the latter category of worker.
So unless the remainers can provide a study on that category, then they are useless in evidence. Because the issue is not migrants *as an aggregate* as the whole EU debate is about migrants who wouldn’t get a Visa.
Unlimited immigration of *unskilled* workers may well suppress the wages, housing and public services available to equivalent skilled (and unskilled) workers in the UK.
The trick the Portes of the world use is to aggregate the skilled and unskilled immigrants together and *refuse to talk about that set of people that would be excluded outside the EU* – those who wouldn’t otherwise get a work visa.
We don't need *unskilled* immigration, and we don't necessarily need the skills of the EU.

We need access to a world market for skills on an equal basis. The UK immigration system should work like most in the world - a skills based system.